My birth….

Hello My name is…. doesn’t matter. Let it keep it ‘unknownsoul’. I am normal guy like everyone who have loving family, lot of friends, good education, caring, everything is imperfectly perfect, like everyone one of us wanted isn’t it ? But things never goes the way you wanted them to go. Life is unpredictable, messy and realistic, well that is how it is supposed to be. I think I already cursed it enough, let me take you to where it started.

I was in my teenage having good school life, friends. A introvert guy who was very shy, always sittng on the last bench. Not having many guy friends but having many female friends. I was always more comfortable with talking to girls than boys. I remember as a punishment in the school, boys have to sit in the girls row(in our class we used to have 2 rows for boys and 2 rows for girls). But I never found that as a punishment because I have always like to talk with girls rather than boys. Even some boys were only talking to me because I have more female friends and they want to impress them knowing more about them from me. While all this thing were happening, I realised some guys started teasing me because of walking, talking my gestures were feminine. Even some my family members started telling me not to talk, walk like this. I did not know what is happening, I am normal guy but why I am still not normal according to other people. This question started haunt me, even some guys were touching me inappropriate way. I didn’t liked that feeling, that reminded me I felt same way in my childhood when my uncle used to touch me inappropriate way. But I was to small to know what is wrong or right? Continue……..